Human Impact Unit Outline

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Supplies Needed Human Impact Role Playing Game Instructions PPT Human Impact Role Playing Game Instructions PPT
Bellwork   eBook feedback and comprehension check question  
Lesson You will be assigned a particular role. In that role, you will meet with other students in the same role to research what someone in your role needs to know about climate change, weather, and impacts on the built and natural environment in order to engage in the role playing activity.

Together you will fill out your role playing talkng point cards and bring it to your "Specific Location" Group
Groups will be formed made up of students in five roles. Each group must have at least one Legislator, Marine Scientist, and Civil Engineer. The group will negotiate from the different perspectives to come up with one workable plan in response to the threat of predicted sea level rise in their location. Students should remain in their role during this activity and should draw upon the knowledge that they developed in their role’s expert group. Present Plan at City Hall Meeting
Wrap Up     Election: Voting on plans
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